Saturday 6 April 2019

IL-2 4.14m Patch and DCG

Coincidentally, a new patch for IL-2 was released shortly before the latest version of IL2DCG and it's been discovered that this new patch is not compatible with DCG.  For more information about this incompatibility and discussions of potential work arounds, please visit the discussion on the forum. 

Forum Discussion

IL2DCG 3.49 Released

While it's been over two years since the last official release, there have been over 30 builds released for beta in that time.  And it's thanks to the all the supporters/testers over the past two years who, through their encouragement, have kept me coming back to work on it.

Changes since the last official version include (but are not limited to):
  • Updated links to online website and support.  
  • Added a prologue campaing for Coral Sea, the sinking of the IJN Shoho.  
  • Updated and improved many Pacific campaigns (especially Midway and Okinawa).  
  • Added new Crete campaign.  
  • Added new Guadalcanal Campaign that runs from August 1942 to March 1943 using the Solomon Islands map. 
  • Improved player squadron transfers between campaigns when carrier based. 
  • Improved rendezvous/interception routines.  
  • Improved paratrooper and glider use.  
  • New waypoint trigger for patrol missions over columns.  
  • Changed kamikaze missions from specific squadrons to all IN/JA squadrons with any anti-ground/anti-ship weapons that are based in Japan or off-map in 1945.  
  • Added runway "Friction" to dogfight settings.  
  • Added an "Airfield Restriction" file to prevent specific planes from operating on specific airfields.  Improved logic for long distance missions.  However, for best results, users should use the Aircraft Class Settings Panel to update the ranges of all active plans to their historical distances.  
  • Added option for "Transfers On/Off" to the Timetable.dcg which will set the "No Transfers" Option.  
  • ContactLevel parameter no longer resets to "default".  
  • Increased maximum altitude to 12000 meters.
    • Warning, this makes all third-party class.dcg files obsolete unless an extra character is added after the word "Meters" for each aircraft!  
  • Fixed an error in location coordinate finder routine.  
  • The Squad ID file has been updated to 4.13 thanks to sniperton.  
  • A new exception file for static planes that do not use the same format as the base game has been added.  
  • Fixed static aircraft marking display and static seaplane spawning.  
  • Fixed TCapture command.  Triggered time table changes for new campaigns before first mission is generated.  
  • Added AddStatic command to place new static objects into a campaign on a specific date.  
  • Added SetMaxTroopLevel command and SetBugOutRadius (see Palau in the timetable.dcg). 
Note: After installing, remember to reset your basic options and, if using DGen or NGen Replacement modes, make sure these options are re-checked before running IL-2 Forgotten Battles, Pacific Fighters or 1946.  Mods which have made changes to the event log may not work with IL2DCG.

Thursday 23 February 2017

Welcome to the New Site

Welcome to the new home for Lowengrin's Dynamic Campaign Generator for IL-2.  Over the coming months, news and updates will be posted here about IL-2 DCG.

IL-2 DCG generates dynamic campaigns for IL-2 Sturmovik and all it's sequels including "1946" by Maddox Games and 1C. Over time, the front lines will shift, airfields may be captured and recaptured and objects appear and disappear. Squadrons will transfer closer to the front as friendly ground forces advance or bug-out should the enemy break-through. Armour, truck columns, and trains will also move from city to city during missions and ships from harbour to harbour, starting the next mission at the city or harbor moved to in the previous mission. Build ups of guns and armour will also appear at the "front" and captured locations will have new defences generated.

IL-2 DCG will also track plane losses, pilot deaths, and the replacement of both, awards and promotions, as well as the destruction and replacements of moving vehicle and tank columns, trains, and ships, and static ground defenses.  All in all, DCG offers IL-2 players a dynamic world in which to fly online and off.

While IL-2 DCG does all the above and more, it remains a work in progress.  Bug reporting, comments and suggestions are welcomed.  For support and bug reporting visit the DCG forum.