Thursday, 23 February 2017

Welcome to the New Site

Welcome to the new home for Lowengrin's Dynamic Campaign Generator for IL-2.  Over the coming months, news and updates will be posted here about IL-2 DCG.

IL-2 DCG generates dynamic campaigns for IL-2 Sturmovik and all it's sequels including "1946" by Maddox Games and 1C. Over time, the front lines will shift, airfields may be captured and recaptured and objects appear and disappear. Squadrons will transfer closer to the front as friendly ground forces advance or bug-out should the enemy break-through. Armour, truck columns, and trains will also move from city to city during missions and ships from harbour to harbour, starting the next mission at the city or harbor moved to in the previous mission. Build ups of guns and armour will also appear at the "front" and captured locations will have new defences generated.

IL-2 DCG will also track plane losses, pilot deaths, and the replacement of both, awards and promotions, as well as the destruction and replacements of moving vehicle and tank columns, trains, and ships, and static ground defenses.  All in all, DCG offers IL-2 players a dynamic world in which to fly online and off.

While IL-2 DCG does all the above and more, it remains a work in progress.  Bug reporting, comments and suggestions are welcomed.  For support and bug reporting visit the DCG forum.